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Shandong Better Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd.carry out the "quality first, customer first" principle, to provide the best quality products and services for every customer.

一、After sales service team framework

二、After sales service flow chart

三、After sales service team responsibility

3.1 The sales department is the functional department responsible for the user service, and its scope of service and service plan shall be implemented after the approval of the minister. 
    3.2 The technical department, the production equipment department, the quality management office and the production workshop shall cooperate. 
    3.3The responsibilities of the after sales service group are as follows:
    A  Reception of visitors, letters and calls; 
    B  Inform and organize relevant departments and personnel to handle the technical quality issues raised by users; 
    C  Based on the technical quality of the product, the nature of the analysis, the compensation fees and solutions; 
    D  Regular organization of user visits and regular letters to users for advice and requests; Log in to the account of the improved opinions and measures and the relevant product technical quality problems, and timely feedback to the relevant departments.

四、After sales service team work content

4.1 To provide product samples, product catalogues and other promotional materials; Be responsible for providing product instructions, etc. 
    4.2  Assist user to install and install the product. 
    4.3  Timely meet the service needs of users in the process of product use. 
    4.4  Provide product maintenance and technical services. 
    4.5 Organize operation, operation and maintenance personnel training courses for users.

五、After sales service range

The company's services to users include pre - sale, sale, and after - sale three stages.

5.1  Pre - sales service

5.1.1 the sales department is responsible for providing the product catalog, sample, and customer visit to the user, leading the user to visit the production, inspection and management place of the company, and introduce the quality assurance ability and level of the company's products to the users, and recommend the products of the company. 
    5.1.2 according to the parameter requirements provided by the user, the sales department contacts the relevant personnel, and answers the questions and selects the product. 
    5.1.3 the sales department shall be responsible for filling out the " information record card ", and make a written summary of the service conditions every six months, and send it to the deputy general manager for reference for the quality management and operation decision of the company.

5.2  In service

5.2.1 the sales department shall be responsible for the management and user's contract, technical agreement, tender, etc., and shall keep in touch with the contract terms and users, and be responsible for the implementation of the agreement. 
    5.2.2 after the sales department signs the contract, the sales department shall issue the contract to the production equipment department and the finance department in time. 
    5.2.3 the relevant information of the sales department records and user contacts. 
    5.2.4 the quality files of the products ordered by the user shall be collected by the sales department to the quality inspection department and delivered to the user in time. 
    5.2.5 the sales department is responsible for receiving and processing the user calls, faxes, and keeping the original records and contracts together. 
    5.2.6 the sales department is responsible for assisting the users to take delivery of the goods, and keep the complete records of the product shipping for inspection.

5.3  After sales service range

5.3.1 after - sales service of the company includes: providing relevant personnel training, maintenance products, handling quality problems, and providing users with information of product use and improvement, according to the contract stipulations. 
  5.3.2 processing of user quality information
  5.3.3 after receiving the user's quality information, the sales department shall conduct an analysis and research, and fill in the " quality information feedback form" to notify the relevant units for processing. The relevant unit will feedback the opinions to the sales department within one week after receiving the notice. 
  5.3.4 the user's visit, letter and call are all of the quality problems or missing parts, which are received and handled by the after-sale service group of the sales department. General communications should be replied within three days; If the query is missing, it should be processed within five days. If the transportation effect is difficult to solve for a time, the query result should be replied in advance. 
  5.3.5 the sales department shall, in accordance with the contract terms or the user's letter, incoming calls, faxes and other requirements, and if necessary to send a person to the user to handle the quality problems, the sales minister shall be responsible for organizing the service personnel, and notifying the relevant units within two days, the relevant units will send personnel to set off within three days after receiving the notice. The service results should be signed by the user and service personnel and recorded in detail in the service work record form. 
  5.3.6 the sales department shall timely report the comprehensive information of the user quality information and the company's handling information to the office of the company once a month. 
  5.3.7 the sales department is responsible for checking and evaluating the handling of the quality information of user feedback. 
  5.3.8 sales department is responsible for collecting and saving " user opinion" and " service record form ".



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