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The implementation of talent strategy is required for sustained and healthy development of the company strategy is better machinery, technology innovation, to achieve leapfrog development of internal power.

一、Company talent status

The company has 280 employees and 128 technicians, including 32 engineers and 62 certificated welders.

二、Company talent development forecast

With all the work on the right track, determine the direction of development, the company will face the problem of the shortage of professional talents, human resources should not only strengthen the rational allocation of labor resources, but also to increase the introduction of training talents, both in terms of quality, structure, reflects the high standards and strict requirements.

In qualityfrom the cultural level, professional knowledge, work ability, job skills and other quality projects, the use of inspection, assessment, evaluation, identification and other ways of training and selection, so that the overall quality has been improved.

In structurethe rational talent structure can give full play to the overall efficiency of talent team. The company will vigorously the introduction of highly educated and highly skilled professionals, in order to meet the development needs of the company, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, become the managerial and technology, good management, to expand the market, plays a leading role in the reserve talents.

三、Company talent development plan

Improve the talent education and training system, and constantly improve the quality of personnel

The establishment of talent education and training mechanism, stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of talents to participate in education and training, and actively encourage employees to participate in various counterparts training. Often carry out post skills, to achieve key training, professional training, job enhancement and self taught, and contact external training institutions, and vigorously strengthen staff training.

Establish and improve the ability and performance oriented talent evaluation mechanism

Establishing a scientific talent evaluation mechanism. Through staffing analysis, personnel assessment work and other work, to make accurate positioning of the job responsibilities, job requirements and the existing knowledge and ability structure, based on the evaluation results, establish evaluation mechanism of hierarchical classification, set out to explore the post ability oriented, work performance as the focus, focus on the occupation moral and intellectual level of talent the evaluation system, perfect all kinds of talent evaluation methods, adhere to the "open, fair and impartial" principle, improve the scientific evaluation, ensure openness, transparency, independence and impartiality of talent evaluation; implementation evaluation scores and performance, salary system, objective and actual public evaluation results.

Establish and improve the incentive mechanism for talents

To strengthen the capacity level, promotion, encourage more workers to improve the ability to work. Improve the talent incentive system to encourage the professional and technical personnel and give full play to the work enthusiasm and creativity, there are plans to carry out excellent science and technology project appraisal, good staff appraisal activities, awarded the certificate of honor for outstanding projects and personnel selection and reward.

Establish and improve a new mechanism for selecting and employing personnel

Create development space and opportunities for employees, truly open, fair and equitable so that each employee with the ability to work, and constantly improve and perfect competition; and the allocation of human resources in the process of breaking the boundaries of identity, with the ability to decide the duty, so that those who can afford, let, Untalented people ", make the best, appropriate personnel, maximize the role of talents.


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  • Tel:0539-7261166
  • Fax:0539-7261188
  • Add:East of Xiliu Road, South of Huaihai No.2 Economic Development Zone, Junan Country Linyi City, Shandong Province
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